Hipditch House Self Catering


Hipditch House shares it's property line with Signal Hill National Historic Park. It sits high above the harbour, at the foot of Gibbet Hill. The infamous hill gets its name from a hangman's platform (a gibbet) used in the St. John's colonial period to deter criminal activity. Deadman's Pond lies below. The North Head Trail and the Grand Concourse Trail, two fantastic interconnected trails, pass right by the house. These trails can be taken to reach Cabot Tower in just fifteen minutes. A great way to start your morning is to hike the 1.7 km North Head Trail right from the foot of Hipditch House via the Concourse Trail, up to Signal Hill, and down a 500-foot descent back to the Lower Battery, and Hipditch House. Hipditch House was restored in 2005. The neighbours tell us that the house is approximately one hundred years old. The decor has contemporary furnishings which create a "Coastal Living" atmosphere.



One bedroom is equipped with a queen bed, one room with a double bed, and one room with a double and a twin bed. Laundry facilities are on premises.